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GRK Fasteners

Jerry Leddin
155 Harlem Avenue
Building N3E
Glenview, IL 60025
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Phone Number (303) 885-9178
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Product Description

GRK Fasteners manufactures an extensive line of premium quality, patented, ICC approved fasteners for use in wood, metal, and concrete.

GRK star drive screws are made to sink in fast without stripping, don’t require pre-drilling and won’t split expensive decking materials.
The screws are approved for use in treated lumber and structurally code approved.
Whether you need to fasten framing, decking, structural timbers, cabinets, trim or anchoring to concrete, GRK offers it all.
Drive with Speed, Quality and Confidence with GRK Fasteners! Visit to view our complete catalog or find your nearest dealer.

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