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Bigfoot Systems Inc.

Phil Wall

6750 Hwy. #3
Martins Point, NS, CANADA B0J-2E0
Phone Number (800) 934-0393
Email 0fb1a69d-b037-44dc-95f2-921af097f02d
Internet www.bigfootsystems.com
Company Description
Bigfoot Systems Footing Forms are the Original Code Evaluated engineered footing forms for construction tubes that exceed building codes throughout North America.   Bigfoot can be installed in a single day, which saves time, money and aggravation.  Optimum structural stability, safety and convenience make our products the best available on the market.  The products advantage rests with its shape- a bell shaped footing with a round base.  Bigfoot works with the natural laws of physics by evenly distributing the weight that secures the footing to the earth.  Bigfoot have Footing Form sizes that fit.  Please check our website for the size that is best for your project.
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